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Building A Community of Practice

The Global HSI Equity Innovation Hub serves to catalyze HSI programming throughout the CSU system, statewide and nationally. Our networks link Latinx students to essential resources in STEAM by using the potency of Hispanic-serving institutions across the United States to equip future innovators for careers in high-demand industries.

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The Global HSI Equity Innovation Hub is establishing regional hubs that connect HSIs across the United States

Miami Dade College serves as our first regional hub. This partnership will directly impact students, as MDC is the country’s most attended higher education institution, enrolling up to 100,000 students.

We are excited to have Miami Dade College join our HSI network as our first Regional Hub

Leading the nation in Associate’s degrees granted to Latinx students, Miami Dade College’s model will drive impactful programming authentically serving their student population.

Miami Dade College

We are committed to fostering impact-driven strategic partnerships and building an HSI community of practice through our Program Collaborators

Rutgers University-Newark and Santa Fe Community College are the first to join our efforts to foster institutional change and provide essential programming that serves the needs of their student bodies.

Rutgers University-Newark

Santa Fe Community College

Our Program Focus Areas Bridge the Gaps Through
Impactful Equity

Institutional Transformation and Capacity Building

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Equity-minded leadership and institutional transformation advances efforts to transform institutions from a culture of enrolling to intentionally serving.

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Inclusive curricular initiatives for faculty and staff designed to transform classroom experiences.

Student Success Programming

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Work with regional P-20 to implement interdisciplinary approaches for education to career pathways.

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Accelerate Justice

Promote belonging and prepare formerly incarcerated individuals for STEAM careers.

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Develop culturally responsible high-impact interdisciplinary programming.

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Develop interdisciplinary programming to inspire students belonging to P-20 educational pathways.

Equity Through Innovation

Through our program focus areas we are accelerating equity in innovation by leveraging cutting edge technology and industry partnerships.